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About ATL
ATL is the association of employers in the haulage, transport and logistics industry. Through cooperation and common positions, we aim to give our members working conditions and development opportunities that promote their ability to be competitive and profitable.
  • Legal aid
    Your membership includes coverage from our legal aid programme which provides free legal assistance in staff cases at civil courts and in arbitration proceedings.
  • Health and safety
    Workplace assessment (APV)
Occupational injuries
Visit from the Danish Working Environment Authority
Health and safety organisation
  • Secretariat
    ATL offers targeted counselling and service to transport and logistics companies.
  • We help you with your export
    As a member of ATL you can request assistance to increase your company’s operations abroad. We can advise you on foreign activities.
How can we help?
Kontakt image
Tlf: +45 3377 4831
Mobil: +45 4061 2007
E-mail: lwhdi.dk
Full service and cooperation

At ATL we offer your company full service at the same time as we handle your industry-specific interests, particularly through ATL’s close cooperation with DI Transport.

ATL is part of DI and our members are automatically members of DI.
DI is the largest membership organisation in the Danish Employers’ Confederation. ATL and DI are the professional organisations for transport and logistics in Denmark.
Membership of ATL includes assistance and counselling in:

Membership fee

Rates 2016

Payroll 2015 : 0,035%  
- Annual : min. 500,- DKK 

DI Transport (Danish Transport Federation): 0,- DKK

DI (Confederation of Danish Industry)
- Payroll 2015 : 0,25 %  
- Annual: min. 5.175,- DKK 

- Payroll 2015 : 0,285 %  
- Annual: min. 5.675, - DKK

Fee collection
The membership fee is collected quarterly by DI and is calculated on the basis of the preceding year’s actual payroll for black and white collar workers (minus remuneration for directors and owners).
Furthermore, the membership fee is deductible and the savings have a direct positive effect on the bottom line.

PUBLISHED: 12-12-2014 LAST MODIFIED: 30-03-2016